An Experienced Alabama Negligent or Inadequate Security Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

Each year across the great state of Alabama, people are attacked and injured on other people’s properties due to property owners’ providing negligent or inadequate security. No matter what type of business is involved, property owners must provide reasonable care to the people who might enter their property. This duty includes the duty to provide security adequate enough to ensure the safety of visitors to their property. Patrick Marshall Law will investigate negligent or inadequate security incidents to determine why the incident occurred, and seek to hold the property owner accountable if the security is found to be negligent or inadequate.

What is Considered Adequate Security in Alabama?

The answer to this question depends largely on what type of business is being run in the property. For example, owners who run a nightclub on their property will have a more stringent duty than an owner who runs a hair salon. The answer is whatever is reasonable under the circumstances. Adequate security measures for high-risk property owners may include:

  • Functional security gates
  • Ensuring that the fencing and gates are in good repair
  • Ensuring that all locks are operational
  • Installing surveillance cameras
  • Installing appropriate alarms
  • Hiring nighttime security to patrol the premises

Proving Negligent Security in Alabama

Different businesses have different requirements for what is considered adequate security depending on the type of business operated on the property. To bring a valid claim for negligent or inadequate security, a victim will need to prove that:

  • The property owner owed a duty to provide adequate security
  • The property owner breached that duty to provide adequate security in failing to provide a safe environment
  • This breach of duty caused your injuries 
  • You suffered damages as a result of your injuries

For example, if a property owner neglected to maintain adequate security in a repair garage, and one of the workers attacked you and caused injuries to you, you may have a valid claim against the property owner and/or manager.

An Experienced Alabama Negligent or Inadequate Security Attorney Can Help If You’ve Suffered Injuries

An Alabama negligent or inadequate security attorney can help you recover in the event you’ve been injured due to a property owner’s inadequate or negligent security. But remember, timing is critical.  Contact Patrick today for a free case evaluation.