Accidents involving commercial tractor-trailers and semi-trucks

Accidents involving tractor-trailer are unique and should be handled differently than auto accidents.  Often these types of accidents cause far more severe injuries.  These big trucks (18-wheelers, tractor trailers, semi-trucks, box trucks, etc.) can weigh up to 10 times more than a passenger vehicle. Because of this, they are required to carry high liability insurance limits and require more stringent licensing requirements for commercial drivers.

Pursuing your Claim if You have been involved in a Truck Accident:

The claims process for an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle is often more complicated than a case involving a passenger vehicle. Often, commercial vehicle insurance carriers are much more willing to dispute claims compared to your everyday car insurance company. These companies utilize training procedures to ensure their drivers avoid making admissions, employ their own agents to come inspect the scene, hire experts, and require independent medical examinations, and utilize multiple insurance companies. 

Their goal is simple: make your claim as complicated as possible so they can avoid paying you the compensation you likely deserve. These trucking companies know that millions of dollars can be at stake, and they will aggressively fight to avoid paying your claim.   

Hiring the right attorney to help navigate these complicated matters can make all the difference. Contact Patrick Marshall Law, LLC today to make sure your claim is started on the right path.